Medical Fitness Programs

Supervised Cardiac Exercise Program is a cardiac exercise program that will help you establish a heart-healthy exercise routine to fit your lifestyle.  Once you have completed a cardiac rehabilitation program and received a recommendation from your physician, come see one of our degreed fitness specialist to find an exercise program that is right for you. 

For more information please contact Shanette Cole, 214.820.2367 or email MedicalFitnessPrograms@


SHED Program is a three-month exercise program regimen designed especially for pre-surgical bariatric patients who are just beginning their wellness journey, as well as post-surgical bariatric patients who have been approved by their physician to exercise.  

For more information please contact Shanette Cole, 214.820.2367 or email  MedicalFitnessPrograms@


Mom's On The Move/ Pre-Post Natal Exercise Program is a pre/post natal exercise program that can help excepting mothers and new mothers maintain recommended weight gain, improve overall emotional health, improve and maintain functional mobility and strength, minimize water retention, relieve back pain, create pelvic floor strength, and bounce back fast after birth. 

For more information please contact Vennie Jones. 214.820.8177


Congestive Heart Failure Medical Fitness Program is a three month exercise regiment designed specifically for individuals being treated with a heart failure diagnosis and have been approved by their physicians to exercise or have completed any outpatient rehabilitation. 

For more information please contact Shanette Cole, 214.820.2367 or email  MedicalFitnessPrograms@


To enroll in the program, please completed and submit your document to  Our department will contact you and get you started. 

Medical Fitness Program Waiver 

Medical Fitness Program Registration Form

Pre-Activity Screening (PAR-Q)


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