Lifeguard Review

In an emergency, you have to be focused, prepared and confident in your skills. That’s why recertification is so important. Renew your American Red Cross Lifeguarding/First Aid/CPR/AED and Bloodborne Pathogens Training certifications at BTLFC, and you’ll always be ready to save a life.

Course Prerequisites: 
Participants must be currently certified or have successfully completed an American Red Cross Lifeguard Training course within the last two years. Once certifications have expired for more than 30 days, a full course must be taken again. Participants must also be able to pass the lifeguarding prerequisite skills evaluation again.


Studying in Advance is Highly Recommended: 
This is a fast-paced review course with a main focus on the hands-on skills of lifeguarding (CPR/AED/First Aid and Water Rescues). There will be limited time allocated to book review. Studying in advance ensures that participants get the most out of their recertification course and are better prepared to pass the written test. Not being prepared could result in a participant having to come back for additional training. The newest edition of the American Red Cross Lifeguard Manual (r. 2017) is available for free below. It is recommended that participants re-read the manual and complete the chapter review questions at the end of each chapter, paying special attention to parts of the manual pertaining to forgotten or brand new/revised content that came with the 2017 update.


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