Kettlebell Training

You may have seen these peculiar pieces of equipment that look like a big cast iron ball with a handle attached. As best as we can tell, the Russian kettlebell was developed around 1704, and they were originally used as counterweights to measure dry goods at the market. People started throwing them around for entertainment, and eventually, they started being used for weight training. In the early 20th century, strongmen and circus performers trained with kettlebells, thus introducing the sport to a wider audience outside of Russia.

In 1948, modern kettlebell lifting became the Soviet Union’s national sport. In 1981, the Russian government enforced mandatory kettlebell training for the masses in order to increase productivity and to decrease the health care costs of the country. In 1985, rules, regulations, and weight categories were finalized and the first National Championship was held in Lipetsk, Russia.

What is kettlebell sport?
Kettlebell sport is quickly gaining popularity within the fitness community. It provides gym-goers the opportunity to compete with other “every-day” people world-wide and gives the kind of motivation to train that only competition can provide!

What are my training options?
National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Strength Coach and World Kettlebell Club Licensed Trainer, Kevin Ouldhouse, conducts private, small group (up to 6 participants) and large group (up to 12 participants) training sessions that emphasize kettlebell training and conditioning.

To learn proper and safe lifting technique, 3 one hour private sessions are required before joining any of the group training sessions.

Once you are hooked on the amazing workouts training with kettlebells will provide, you can join our House of Steel Pentathlon League Team. The World Kettlebell Club (WKC) Pentathlon Competition pits 3-person teams against each other for the ultimate competition! It consists of 5, 6-minute rounds, during which competitors perform the Clean, the Clean and Press, the Jerk, the Half-Snatch, and the Push Press. The goal is to perform as many repetitions as possible during each 6-minute round.

If you’ve been looking for something to motivate your workouts, this is it!

Small Groups Classes are $25 per class.

For more information contact

Kevin Ouldhouse, NSCA-CSC, WKC Licensed Trainer