Movement Screening

Functional Movement Screening & Exercise Prescription


  • Do you have pain and don’t know why?
  • Do you sit at a desk most of the day?
  • Do you perform repetitive motions at work, such as lifting, twisting, squatting, or typing?
  • Have you had a previous injury that still gives you problems?

Your pain could be the result of a muscle imbalance. Muscle imbalances are dysfunctions in the way the brain sends signals to your muscles. This dysfunction can result in faulty movement patterns, poor posture, overuse injuries and pain in the joints and muscles.

How are muscular imbalances corrected?
We first have to identify the faulty movement patterns. Once identified, a corrective strategy can be implemented.

How do you identify faulty movement patterns?
The Functional Movement Screening is comprised of 7 movement patterns. Your performance of these 7 movement patterns determines your FMS score, which is used to identify functional limitations and asymmetries. Once identified, a corrective strategy can be developed and implemented.

What is a corrective strategy?
A corrective strategy is a personalized plan for addressing muscle weaknesses, muscle imbalances, and mobility and stability issues. These corrective exercises are not meant to replace your current strength and conditioning program but rather to compliment it.

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