Performance Pilates

Performance Pilates is a total body workout that emphasizes core body development and postural alignment. You’ll develop core control, improve posture, build strength without bulk, and increase flexibility, agility and reaction time. Based on Joseph Pilates’ revolutionary exercise system, the program uses exercises performed on mat and resistance-based equipment designed to challenge your balance and core stability. Whether you’re an athlete wanting to improve your game or an individual wanting to maximize your exercise program, Performance Pilates is the ultimate performance enhancer. 

Performance Pilates is taught through group classes or private and semi-private sessions.


  • Wear comfortable clothing. For safety, avoid bulky, baggy clothing and jewelry.
  • Bring a towel and water bottle to all sessions.

Class space is limited, so reserve your spot in advance.

Call 214-820-1523 to make your reservation. 

For more information, contact Marie Chandler.