Program Information

Baylor Tom Landry Sports Performance Academy

The Baylor Tom Landry Health and Wellness Center is committed to athletic development at every age.  Whether you are a youth athlete, a professional, or somewhere in between our degreed and certified strength and conditioning professionals are ready to help!


  • All programs are designed using modern periodization techniques implemented at the highest level of sport. 
  • Quarterly testing and data collection allows for the program design to be tailored to meet individual needs. 
  • All coaches are CSCS certified and have shown competency in building championship, world class level athletes. 
  • Most of our coaches have played at the collegiate or professional level or have served as a strength coach for professional and/or college teams. 
  • 20 years of proven success with all levels and all sports. 
  • We build athletes: athletes can excel at any sport, anytime.
  • Speed kills, it also takes the most time and expertise to build correctly. 
  • Our programs are designed to make any athlete faster and stronger.
  • Programs are available to meet all needs, of all athletes, at all ages. 
  • Combine prep, recruiting assistance, off-season prep, injury rehabilitation; you name it we can do it.

For more information, contact Justin Walters, 214.820.7871.